Calculate your new monthly consolidated payments

Pegasus Debt Consolidation

Current Debt Consolidation
Loan Amount $527,000.00
Interest Rate
Term (in years)
Monthly Payment $2,197.13 $2,916.80
Current Debts Balance Owing Interest Rate Interest Paid Over Term Monthly Payment
Credit Cards $11,994.00 $900.00
Line of Credits $5,600.00
Total $70,000.00 $17,594.00 $1,200.00
Current 1st Mortgage $450,000.00 $2,197.13
Other Mortgages (2nd or 3rd)
Total Debts & Monthly Payment with Mortgage $520,000.00 $3,397.13

Debt Consolidation Recommended Loan Amount

Total Debts & Mortgage $520,000.00
Penalty to break current mortgages
Approx Legal Fees
Additional Fee (Brokerage Fee, Appraisal Fee, Lender Fee etc)
Total Recommended Loan Amount

Term Summary

Current New
Total Principal & Interest Payment for Term $52,731.12 $70,003.20
Total Principal Paid during Term $24,068.38 $19,835.70
Total Interest Paid during Term $28,662.74 $50,167.50
Balance at end of Term $425,931.63 $552,164.29

Cash Flow Savings Summary

Current Monthly Payment Mortgage + Debts $3,397.13
New Mortgage Payments (all debts paid of) $2,916.80
Monthly Savings $480.33

Interest Savings Summary

Current Interest on Debts over term $17,594.00
Interest On Debts added to Mortgage over term $6,107.27
Interest Savings Over Term $11,486.73