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Private Mortgage Lending as an Investment vehicle is a very popular option among investors who are seeking a unique alternate solution for their funds as compared to traditional investment options such as high-interest savings, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GICs), mutual funds, equities, stocks, bonds, RSP’s and so forth.  These traditional options are either highly volatile or provide a lower rate of return.  Pegasus is here to provide private lending investment options for our clients.

Mortgage Investment Opportunities in Canada tend to be stable, with a higher rate of return as compared to traditional investment options.  Most investors do not have the expertise required to participate in these investment opportunities on their own or do not have the time to locate and manage these opportunities.   Investing in Pegasus provides our investors with an opportunity to participate in the Canadian Mortgage Markets with the confidence that their funds are being invested and managed by a team of experienced professionals. Pegasus is dedicated to maximize the investors return and minimize the investors’ risk.

Why Choose Pegasus?

Pegasus was founded with base principles of providing secure and safer mortgage investment opportunities to our investors while ensuring that we maintain a low-medium risk portfolio.  Through their years of experience in the mortgage and real estate markets, their team of experts aim to provide their investors with a consistent rate of return on their investments.

Pegasus performs an in-depth analysis of every loan prior to funding to ensure the overall risk to the investors is minimized.  They have a separate fund for high-risk loans for more seasons investors who wish to participate in more aggressive investment opportunities to maximize their return.  All Pegasus loans are secured by real estate located in Ontario and are originated by licensed Mortgages Agents and/or Brokers.

Pegasus has professional relationships established with well-qualified appraisers, inspectors, real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages and lawyers that allows them to ensure every aspect of their mortgage adjudication processes is secure and vetted.

More Information & Investing with Pegasus:

  • Earn a steady income
  • Secure mortgage-based investment opportunities
  • Less Volatility in the overall market
  • Professional and experience service and reporting

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