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Pegasus is committed to provide all our agents with intense training which helps them become successful in this competitive industry. Our brokerage is specialized in having weekly trainings and one on one support from our Mentors. We provide up to date financial updates on the Mortgage industry,tools, and marketing Idea.

Here is what Pegasus can Offer you

Competitive Training
Pegasus Intensive Workshops
Compensation and rewards and events

Competitive Training

  • Weekly Ongoing Training Seminars
  • Organize lender seminars and business partner seminar
  • Full access to our Pegasus exclusive Broker portal
  • Administrative documents
  • Most Recent Rate Charts
  • Up to Date Product Kits
  • Marketing Materials
  • Training resources-audio recordings, video recordings, scripts, seminars
  • Pegasus tools and calculators
  • Purchase and Refinance checklist
  • Full access to training and video recordings
  • Ongoing Career Growth, Training and Business Development
  • Pegasus exclusive Saturday Training modules
  • How to build your business
    Here we discuss and learn ways on how to publicize your business and use marketing strategies which are successful in lead generation. We also go over in detail on what kind of mind set you need to be in, in order to be successful.
  • Mortgage products you need to know
    There can be an overwhelming amount of information on Mortgage products and terminologies. Being knowledgeable and able to identify theright product for your client is essential to be time efficient and reach your goals.
  • Using Pegasus tools and rate charts
    We created unique tools which gives an edge to our Mortgage agents when meeting with their clients. Some of these tools are Pegasus Quick Qualifier, Debt Consolidation, Cash Flow Statement, Mortgage calculator. You will also learn how to properly read our competitive rate charts in order to give proper rate advice to your client.
  • Build a mock mortgage
    This is when we will complete adetail client file on the Filogix system, which is widely used between Brokers and Lenders. We have 3 scenarios which we invite our agents to practice live at our office.Purchase, Refinance and Equity takeout from one property for the purpose of buying another.
  • How to qualify and sell
    This is the module where agents will learn how to properly package an Alternate Lending deal. We also go over what are some key Sales tactics used in order to convince your clients to deal with you.
  • Deal flow and troubles on closing
    In order to make our agent’s job easy, we created a Deal flow chart that guides them through the entire process of a transaction from start to finish. We will also go into details on some common issues that might occur during closing time.

Pegasus Intensive Workshops

  • Dynamite workshop
    This is an Action workshop conducted by the Principal Broker. It is a 4-Week workshop which is designed to educate you about strategies to improve your business and secure clients. After completing this workshop, you will be more disciplined, well managed and strong willed on how to properly handle client’s objections.
  • Alternate Lending workshop
    Due to many changes to the mortgages rules, there is more requirement to use alternate lending. This workshop is all about learning to give information and sell the product to clients in this category, handle objections and present commitment including role plays.
  • Rental workshop
    Buying a rental property is sometimes complicated and topics like Property types, down payment requirements, lender requirements, completing Filogix and using lender rental worksheet is discussed in this workshop.
  • Role Play Handling Workshop
    This is a practical workshop where you will learn how to properly handle a client conversation for a Mortgage Approval by doing Role Plays. The role plays will be detail in teaching you the proper steps in how to ask clients for documentation, getting paper signed and handling concerns from your clients.


  • Ongoing support when agents have inquiries/deal from our mentors and underwriting staff
  • Support on packaging deals
  • 24/7 access to two professional offices (Scarborough and Mississauga)
  • Vision quest Mentorship Program – Access to an experience Managing Director of Pegasus who can properly guide you on the appropriate procedure for your deals from start to finish. Our Mentors are high performers at Pegasus and they are willing to share their experience with their Team members anytime.
  • Centralized Underwriting Channels
  • Access to Private Lenders
  • WhatsApp General Group Chat – Replies monitored by CEO, VP, Principal Broker or Mentor
  • Zoho Assist – Remotely access agents’ computer so when they require assistance in completing deals, support can be provided immediately
  • Advise and knowledge provided for organizing as well as booking professional trade shows to increase agent’s business – Such as GTA Home and Reno Show, Toronto Fall Home Show, National Women’s Show
  • Free advice for professional industry events to increase agent’s business – Such as Realtor Quest
  • Payroll Administration
  • Marketing Materials for booth events
  • Agent Broker Portal
  • Agent Training Portal
  • Organize Training events through Google Calendar e-vite
  • WhatsApp Group Chat for Training Events and Tips

Compensation and Reward Events

  • Presidents Club Award
  • Vision Quest Champions Award
  • Competitive Split Package
  • Agent Referral Program
  • Pegasus Improvement Contest
  • Volume Bonus
  • Spring Top Achiever Contest
  • Winter Appraisal Rebate
  • Access to all social events for our agents – Summer BBQ, Bowling Night and Holiday Party
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